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Digital marketing strategies
Digital marketing strategies

The importance of making a plan

We help you improve the results of your business. We use our own consulting method, based on the measurement and comparison of digital indicators, which will help you strategically improve your visibility and achieve the objectives that you have set.

Thanks to our advice and the implementation of our strategic digital marketing plans, you can achieve your goals.

The method

1. Audit

We analyze the current situation of your business, the digital positioning of your brand and propose a possible evolution.

Creation of strategic plan
2. Creation of strategic plan

We design a strategic digital marketing plan tailored to your needs and define objectives, target, KPI and budgets.

Start up
3. Start up

We begin with the assembly and start of the strategic actions designed in the strategic digital marketing plan.

Training, supervision and coordination
4. Training, supervision and coordination

We assist each company in their training needs in terms of digital marketing, supervising and coordinating the development of the designed actions.

Control dashboard creation
5. Control dashboard creation

Once the different strategic actions have been implemented, we design a control panel to help us analyze their results and make decisions that help us achieve the objectives set.

Monitoring and analysis of results
6. Monitoring and analysis of results

The monitoring of the results is done in real time, this allows us to make immediate improvement decisions and thus optimize the estimated investment.

Reflection and application of improvements
7. Reflection and application of improvements

The application of improvements is carried out constantly, thanks to the real-time supervision of the results, in the actions undertaken. In addition, on a monthly basis, we prepare a results report that we explain in control sessions with the company, in which strategic redirection decisions are made, based on the results obtained.

How much do I have to invest per month?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on the type of business and the areas we want to cover. However, you can consult us and we will do a detailed study of your business and an investment proposal.

What is Google Partners?

Our Google Partners badge indicates that we have passed the Google Ads product certification exams and that the results obtained by our clients exceed the quality conditions that Google considers successful.

Project tracking

Customer service

Through our app Hola Gavisa you will be able to see what we are investing your time in and how much time you have available, give us feedback on each of our interventions, create new requests and much more functionalities that will make our collaboration agile, orderly and transparent.