Implementation of elearning solutions

Today the classrooms are on the internet and are much more accessible to everyone. Teach your online training courses.

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Implementation of elearning solutions

Custom design

We explain it easily, in three words: we don't use templates.

We have extensive experience in module development and customizations for Moodle, so we adapt like a glove to your needs.

We design each of our elearning platforms in a completely personalized way. During the design stage you can see our proposals and contribute your opinions. Our job is to understand what you are looking for and what you need in order to advise you and obtain the best final result.

As you will discover when you meet us, with us there are no surprises; and if there are, they are good!

Custom design

Automatic corrections

Forget about correcting exams one by one, thanks to your elearning platform you can take advantage of the correction time to do something else. Your students take an exam and the platform automatically gives them the test result.

Puedes fijar muchísimas reglas: que por cada pregunta errónea reste nota, que el examen se pueda hacer varias veces, que tenga un tiempo de realización, etc.

Didactic resources

Moodle puts at your disposal a large number of resources and activities so that your courses are complete and meet the needs of your students.

You can add notes, files in different extensions, forums, chats, surveys, questionnaires, wikis, videos, etc. In addition, all of them are completely customizable, so your academy will adapt to your needs and those of your students.

Open 24 hours

The busy lifestyle of today's society leads us to have certain inconveniences to force us to attend certain hours to training classes. This problem is eliminated at a stroke with online platforms, since it is the student who decides when to receive the training.

The contents and the tests are available for the student to use when it is most suitable, without schedules and without ties.

Easy drive

Your students do not have to be computer experts, so another aspect that we take care of in all our online academies is ease of use.

Likewise, the teachers of your academy will also have an intuitive control panel to manage all their courses.

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing

Your courses can be fantastic and of infinite quality, but if your academy is not known by your potential students, it will be of little use to you.

We prepare your academy to appear in the first positions of Google. We also advise you on how to manage your site to improve that search engine positioning. In addition, we launch your corporate profiles in the social networks most appropriate for your academy.

And if you want to give an extra boost to the visibility of your academy , we put at your disposal our digital marketing plans, so that you can grow with us.

Security gives confidence

We attach great importance to security, that is why we make your website encrypt all the information of your students before transmitting it over the internet.

So your students will be able to see a green lock when entering your academy and this will undoubtedly reinforce their confidence in your academy.

PC, tablets, mobiles and phablets

We want your students to be able to learn in your academy from their mobile when they go on the subway, from their tablet sitting on the sofa or from their office computer.

That is why your website will adjust to all screen widths so that it is easy to navigate from any device.

What we use to build

The technologies and infrastructures we use to develop our elearning platforms.


Customer service

Customer service

When you become part of our client club you will have access to Hola Gavisa, an app and web from which you can send us requests and doubts, manage your contracted services, create new email accounts and much plus.