Inbound marketing

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Inbound marketing
Inbound marketing

Come here!!

Traditional marketing consists of chasing those who you think are your potential customers without them having shown interest in you.

You interrupt them and they are usually not interested in what you offer them, so the cost of conversion is very high.

I'm here!!

In contrast to this methodology, inbound marketing tries to offer your potential clients added value.

Quality information and content that add value so that the client is the one who starts the conversation to work with you.

Get your target audience on the road to you

Get your target audience on the road to you

How to reach our audience

One of the great challenges that every new project faces when starting its journey in social networks is to reach the target audience interested in its products or services. For this, it will be essential to design a strategy that seeks to achieve quality followers; Make no mistake: he goal is not to have a hundred thousand followers who are not interested in us, but ten thousand who do.

It will be important here to make smart use of segmentation of actions to show each person only what is potentially of interest to them.

How it affects SEO

Google wants to offer people who use its search engine original and interesting content. To measure the quality of the contents (of the web pages) it takes into account many criteria; and one of them (perhaps in the top ten of the most important) is the relevance of your brand on social networks.

That is why it is so important that your company has a constant communication policy in social networks, to keep the flame of love alive with your followers and get that to positively influence your online reputation and therefore the positioning of your website.

Which social networks to choose

There are many social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube ...), but each of them has a target audience and it is important to know how to choose which ones we are going to find our potential clients in.

In addition, our way of speaking in each one of them must be different, we cannot communicate the same thing or with the same words in all of them.

From our team we develop your entire network strategy and implement it to achieve the objectives set.

Social media management

Automate and customize

To travel from people who do not know us and whom we do not know to clients who also recommend our services, new technologies put at our disposal a large number of tools to automate and personalize each of the actions we undertake.

Traditional marketing
Inbound marketing
Who starts the conversation
The company, interrupting customer
The customer, by showing interest in the services offered by the company
What media do we use to deliver our messages?
Traditionals: press, radio, television, mailboxes, etc.
Digitals: social networks, blogs, websites, search engines, etc.
Who we direct our messages to
To the general public, without great possibilities to direct a target audience
To people who have shown interest in us or potentially interested profiles (with great segmentation possibilities)
What methodology do we follow
We seek to sell at all costs, without worrying about customer needs
We seek to inform the client and add value so that they perceive us as experts in the field, so that if you eventually decide to acquire services that we offer, do so with our team
What does success of campaigns depend on?
Much of the budget
From the creativity and the segmentation of the campaigns
How the relationship with the public passes
It is unidirectional, the company speaks and the potential client listens
It is bidirectional, both the company and the potential client speak, so the company can learn from the feedback received
How results are measured?
Due to the condition of the media used, it is difficult to measure the results
It is very easy to measure the results of each of the actions undertaken, so we can refine our methods with the results obtained to gain efficiency and profitability

Project tracking

Customer service

Through our app Hola Gavisa you will be able to see what we are investing your time in and how much time you have available, give us feedback on each of our interventions, create new requests and much more functionalities that will make our collaboration agile, orderly and transparent.