Design of apps for iOS and Android

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Design of apps for iOS and Android

Custom design

We design each of our mobile applications in a completely customized way. During the design stage you can see our proposals and contribute your opinions. Our job is to understand what you are looking for and what you need in order to advise you and obtain the best final result.

We make your application unique in every way. This is how we make it a differentiating element of your business proposal.

As you will discover when you meet us, with us there are no surprises; and if there are, they are good!

Custom design

Native and hybrid apps

Depending on your needs, we can approach the development of your app using native or hybrid methodologies.

The development of an application is native when it is expressly programmed for a particular platform, for example, Android. It has the advantages that more refined customizations, can be made, which usually have a better performance and that can include navigation and usage elements more akin to the platform for which they are developed. However, they have the drawback that the development cost is higher.

We speak of hybrid applications when we use a technology that allows us to develop a single application that is automatically translated to various platforms. Their great advantage is that they have a lower cost, but on the other hand they tend to have a worse performance, and they do not support a level of customization as high as the native ones.

Tell us about your case and we will recommend which is the best option for you.

Connect your app with your website

If your project also involves a web platform, no problem: your app and your website will be integrated in a single solution.

There are many cases in which a project can have web and mobile application interfaces, for example, in the case of apps to order food at home, on thematic social networks or in customer service applications.

Landing page for your app

If in your case it does not make sense to develop a web platform to host the functionalities of your app, then we recommend that you at least have one web page associated with your app in order to attract users so that download and install your app on their mobile phones.

All the efforts you make to reach your target audience are welcome.

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing

Your mobile application can be very complete and your friends may like it a lot, but if it is not known by your potential clients, no one is going to install it.

We minimize loading time, optimize performance, and create attractive profiles for the two main download stores: App Store and Google Play. In addition, we launch your corporate profiles in the social media most appropriate for your app.

And if you want to give an an extra boost to your app's visibility we put our digital marketing plans at your disposal, so you can grow with us.

What we use to build

The technologies we use to develop our apps.





The age of omnipresence

It is not news that we live connected. We solve our doubts with an “Ok, Google”, we buy through our mobile and receive notifications from our favorite apps through a vibration of our smartwatch.

Discover with our team all the possible interfaces that your project can use to communicate with your potential clients.







Customer service

Customer service

When you become part of our client club you will have access to Hola Gavisa, an app and web from which you can send us requests and doubts, manage your contracted services, create new email accounts and much plus.