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Customer service

Customer service

Remember that if you are a client, the most agile way to contact our team is to open a ticket in Hola Gavisa. In this way we will keep all your requests in order and we will attend to them in a well structured way.

And to make it even more comfortable, install the app on your mobile!

Our schedule

We seek excellence in everything. We strive to be brilliant. That is why we take both our work and our rest very seriously.

From Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:00

This is our regular business hours, but we are responsible in our after-sales service. For this reason, for urgent incidents we put Hola Gavisa at your disposal, so that our clients can communicate with us quickly and directly whenever they need it.

More ways to talk to us

If you are a client, we recommend that you use Hola Gavisa and if you want to become a client a little higher on this page you can find a form to send us your request. However, here are some alternative ways to contact us.